Honoured With The UNDP N-Peace Award  

Honoured With The UNDP N-Peace Award

Our Bangka – Activist Jull Takaliuang received this prestigious international acknowledgementOur local activist for Bangka, Jull Takaliuang, was granted the United Nations Development Program N - Peace Award in New York on October 25th, 2015. Only six women activists worldwide receive this annual award.The other five activists are from Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan.

In a one hour speech following the homageJullused the opportunity to inform the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo,and Ministers about the law scandal in relation to Bangka. The Minister for Energy and Minerals who attended the event underlined that his House would not follow up the law appeal and counter-act the verdict of July 2015. He stated that the permit had been frozen since October 2014. The Administrative Law Court PTUN East Jakarta in its verdict of July 14th no. 211/G/2014/PTUN.Jkt had ruled, the Minister had to cancel the production permit which had been granted by former Minister Jero Wacik to PT. MMP.The minister had soon after been sacked, but the Chinese company continued its construction activities ignoring the rule. On July 30th, 2015 PT. MMP appealed against the verdict, initially being supported by the Minister. He then, however, abandoned the follow upon court not delivering the counter memory in due time.

This means the Chinese illegally continued their construction works which had been started in 2014, thus devastating large stretches of coast and hinterland in the northern part of 49 km2 measuring Bangka Island.By-passing the law but being protected by the Provincial Governor of North Sulawesi who retired recently, the Regency Head of North Minahasa and the Executive Apparatus the Chinese company stubbornly continued its destruction into September this year. Furthermore they had succeeded in bribing five of the nine Save Bangka Alliance’s plaintiffs to withdraw their sue stating they had realized that their livings were not harmed by the mining company’sactivities. In return the traitors received 50 mio Rp each, in one case 60 mio (4.200 Euro). Rp. This decline in plaintiffs, however, doesn’t have an effect of the verdict which is expected in December. By now the Chinese stopped all construction works and withdrew heavy machinery from the island after disappointed workers who had remained unpaid for months, had started to dismantle and steal it.

Your continued financial support is urgently required to bring the ongoing case to a good end in December and make sure that the Chinese won’t enter the island again by a back door.

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