Dive North Sulawesi  

Scuba Diving in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is known as The Land of Smiling People and lies in the very epicenter of the world's marine biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It offers more than 100 different dive sites, all rich with tropical marine life, with diving all year round. It is also very easy to get to, with direct flights from Singapore 4-5 times a week, depending on the season. Many other flights arrive daily from Bali (Denpasar), Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, and more.

There are three dive areas to choose from. The first area is the clear waters of the Bunaken-Manado Tua National Marine Park which was voted the global winner of British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award in 2003. The amazing walls of the park team with thousands of different fish species and colorful coral gardens, huge barrel sponges, gorgonian sea fans, and countless numbers of fascinating critters.

The second area on the other side of the mainland is Lembeh Strait, and it is known as the world's best ‘muck-diving' and macro photographers heaven. These waters are full of extraordinary marine critters, many of which are the masters of camouflage.

On the northern tip of the mainland between Bunaken and Lembeh you can find a group of tropical islands with white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. This is the third diving area consisting of Bangka, Gangga, and Talise Islands with spectacularly colored soft corals, hard corals, and amazing variety of marine life and topography which is quite different to the diving of Bunaken.

There is something for every diver in North Sulawesi. Whether you prefer to admire the steep coral walls of Bunaken National Marine Park, explore the reefs in Bangka area or dive in the enchanting world of nature's little wonders in Lembeh Strait, we can guarantee that you will leave North Sulawesi rich with memorable experiences.

Between the diving you can visit the area's other attractions. These include the bustling city of Manado, the active volcano’s and lush vegetable gardens of the Minahasa highlands, and the tropical jungle of Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

This web site is supported by the North Sulawesi Watersports Association, the local environmental organization participating in the protection of this unique part of Sulawesi. All the resorts listed here are active members of this association, and there is a wide range of facilities available from 5-star accommodation to beach-side cottages. They all have common objectives; offering eco-friendly dive services and facilities, and have a passion about caring for our part of Indonesia.

We hope you enjoy your diving experience in North Sulawesi, we think that it is the best in the world.